The Vox Pops

Hi! Meet The Vox Pops! We’re glad you’re here.  We use true stories to inspire our shows. That’s technically called an Armando, but don’t worry about that, there isn’t a quiz later, we promise.  We were formed at the start of 2017 and haven’t looked back.

So why The Vox Pops? Well in media, a Vox Pop is when you have a bit of audio or footage from a normal person in the street, sharing their thoughts or opinions. That’s  what the true stories at the start of our shows are, so the name stuck.

What can you expect from a Vox Pops show? Well, it’s going to be fun. That’s for sure. You are going to get a blend of awesome improv comedy sketches, hilarious characters and hear some interesting stories too. We’re very silly and playful and genuinely love playing for you. Just ask our audiences in a Nottingham, Leeds, Leicester and Sheffield. That’s right folks, we travel!

Recently we were lucky enough to be Interviewed by The Improv Treehouse. Check it out!

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