Tina Fey’s Rules For Improv…And Your Career

BossyPantsAs ever, the fabulous Tina Fey spices up the most tedious of topics: some guy in business who read her book BossyPants and liked her improv rules.

Read ’em here on The Savvy Intern (seriously): Tina Fey’s Rules For Improv…And Your Career.

We know them, and they’re an excellent summary. Well worth bearing in mind for all improvisors. Plus it’s from Tina Fey, and who but an idiot doubts her wisdom?

I’ve always considered improv a life skill, especially if you work with other people. Agreement and creativity are wonderfully enriching throughout life. Plus there’s the enormous satisfaction of never being left speechless. This is good for dealing with bullies, bosses and smug bastards. There is nothing quite as splendid as providing a snappy retort after each punch to your face. The punches will stop, but your mocking responses will wound them forever. I’d commend improv (especially the comic elements) to anyone in need of a creative outlet, or indeed a creative influx. Knowing you can create and develop something with others is a great confidence boost, and if you can make people laugh intentionally – well, what else do you need?

I know this is a film and not improv, but it’s a really good film. And it’s Fey: