Improv Drop-In: Thursday 6 June 2019

BIG NOTE: we’re at Broadway Cinema throughout May & June!

This week’s drop-in: Embracing the Silly 

Brought to you by Guy.

In life, as well as in improv, its all too easy to take ourselves too seriously; I know I do. This drop-in is about learning how stop taking ourselves so seriously, embracing the silly, and having fun. It’s a lot easier to be spontaneous when we are less self-conscious. Expect defiantly daft warm up games, exercises that stretch your studied self-consciousness to breaking point and scenes that empower you to step outside yourself.

Broadway Cinema | 14-18 Broad St | Nottingham | NG1 3AL (we’re downstairs, but don’t worry, someone will be lurking in the foyer to collect folks)
7.30pm | £5 / £3 concessions