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Improv Drop-In: Thursday 5 March 2020

Group scenes provide some of the most fun you can have in improv. You’re creating fabulous and incredible things with multiple people on stage at the same time, and new ideas can be found and explored in even more depth as we each throw our ideas into the hat. It

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Improv Drop-In: Thursday 27 February 2020

Improv scenes can have real depth if characters clearly have defined statuses, which enable us to play with the power dynamics that naturally follow. However, all too often we might find ourselves remaining in the position we happened to have taken at the beginning of the scene, missing out on

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Improv Drop-In: Thursday 20 February 2020

This week we’ll be warming up fast, talking little and getting right into the heart of improv –  scenes! Fast scenes, slow scenes, long scenes, short scenes, funny, sad, hopeful, despairing and every graduation between we will cover them in this two-hour session. Come along to maximise your stage time

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Improv Drop-In: Thursday 30 January 2020

Words only make up 7% of the way we communicate with our partner. In this session we’ll explore how we can build worlds and characters using just our bodies and trusting in our partner to recognise the way we feel. There’ll be lots of slow, organic and emotional improv this week…

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Improv Drop-In: Thursday 23 January 2020

Why are improvisers told to not ask questions? What’s wrong with questions? What do I do if I do ask a question? Will I get in trouble? Will my scene partner support me? What am I supposed to do instead? What do I do if I’m asked a question? Do

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Improv Drop-In: Thursday 16 January 2020

Painting works best when we use more than one colour! Similarly, improv often works better when the main subject of our scene stands out from the background. Building quickly from first principles we’ll be finding the electrifying things in our scenes while keeping them grounded. This workshop is suitable for

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