The Clones

Nottingham Comedy Festival

Saturday 3rd November

Witness the incredible, as improvised duo THE CLONES take to the stage. With no script, no staging, and only a pair of chairs for a set, they spin a simple audience suggestion into a hilarious, spontaneous show. This show starts off slow and regularly builds to crazy crescendos. Plots and sub-plots galore, and a whole cast of characters effortlessly juggled by the two improvisers. This is comedy theatre like you’ve never seen it before. You will laugh, you may cry. Who knows what will happen? They sure don’t.

The Clones are Lloydie James Lloyd (“Consistently providing belly laugh material from start to finish” – The Audience Reviews) and Liam Webber (“Extraordinary Performer” – The Scotsman) two leading lights in Nottingham’s thriving improv scene.

Nottingham Comedy Festival
The Lacehouse | Broadway | Nottingham | NG1 1PS
7.30pm | £5 | Online Box Office | Phone:  0871 2200260


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