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Hey crew,

For those of us running jams, organising shows and thinking about developmental stuff, here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve either found or stolen. I think it would be cool to keep adding to this, so if you find anything useful or happen to make a list of exercises or tongue-twisters, email them in and I’ll upload them for everyone. We can also make additions using the comments at the bottom. Awesome.

Games Lists

Improv Games – most of the games we play, including some of the sillier warm ups (no descriptions)

Improv Encyclopaedia – definitive, massive, awesome


The Living PlayBook – a really cool bunch of games and ideas

Fuzzy’s Games List – we play a lot of these, and you might have a paper copy too. Lacks descriptions for some games.

Whose Line Is It Anyway games – some dude’s list of their most frequently played games

Long Form Stuff Shaun Has – a cool set of long form style ideas

My jam notes (just by way of example – any plan’s a good plan!)

NCF 2010 Intro Workshop notes

Jam plan – 30-09-10

Jam Plan 02-09-10

Show plans

Cast Adrift show plan

1st Glee Show Plan A4

Other groups’ workshop notes

Thursday Workshop Notes 9th September 2010

Thursday Workshop Notes 2nd September 2010


Directing WorkshopJuly2010

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