Regretfully, we have decided to suspend all in-person MissImp activities to best protect our community during this coronavirus outbreak. 
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We found some stuff!

Tonight's jam is in the blue room

The MissImp blue room is in the building next door to the Hopkinson Gallery. It’s where Klaus’ workshops have been on Tuesdays. If you’re not sure where this is please call ahead. It’s Geoff’s jam tonight plus Nick isn’t around (so you can’t call him if you’re late!)

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WHO THE F*** ARE YOU? – LONGFORM WORKSHOP SATURDAY 7TH JANUARY – 10AM – 5PM   This is a one day playtime session, with character work exercises designed to help improvisers give clear offers, perspectives and find the funny bit of the scene quicker.  There will be three hours in the morning and three

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Notes On Your Improv Show

I just found this on the website of the People’s Improv Theatre, NY.  Some very handy notes on that improv show that you did… and a lovely cheeky come-back at the end just as you think it’s finished. <object style=”height: 390px; width: 640px”><param name=”movie” value=”″><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”><param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”always”>[youtube=]</object>

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You Can Only Join The Dots Looking Backwards

Today the news has been dominated by the death of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computers. For me, Apple made sense of technology.  I’ve always been amazed and frustrated by technology in equal measure.  When I started using Apple products my amazement  levels went up and my frustration levels

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Improv at the Edinburgh Fringe

There are now seven members of the MissImp performance team at the Edinburgh Fringe.  Two are doing various stand-up open spots, three are in the play we’ve taken up (HR’d Day’s Night) and the rest are here taking in shows and liberal quantities of ‘social time’. Yesterday we were talking

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Improv gathering at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe

The excellent Brighton improv group The Maydays organised the Edinburgh Fringe’s first ever Improv Symposium last year.  They’ve now posted up the audio of it and it makes for very interesting listening I believe there will be another Improv Symposium at this year’s Fringe in the final week.

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The “bad improv” jam

If you’re an improviser, you’ve probably got a few pet peeves.  It might be the way some improvisers initiate scenes or it could be poor use of the stage, for example.  Last night at the weekly MissImp jam, Nick encouraged us to explore everything we believed to be “bad improv”.

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One Man Improv

You can’t beat an improv road-trip to see something exciting.  Us MissImpers are getting rather good at it.  On Tuesday evening Geoff, Nick and I saw a one-man improv show at the Hen and Chickens in London that blew us away. David Shore, two-time Canadian Comedy Award winner and alumnus

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The "Secret Of Comedy" Jam

We are jamming as usual this Thursday.  As far as we know it’s the usual location – The Hopkinson Gallery, upstairs. Please try to get there on time / slightly early, as that saves someone having to go downstairs and let you in. The idea of the “Secret of Comedy”

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The “Secret Of Comedy” Jam

We are jamming as usual this Thursday.  As far as we know it’s the usual location – The Hopkinson Gallery, upstairs. Please try to get there on time / slightly early, as that saves someone having to go downstairs and let you in. The idea of the “Secret of Comedy”

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Star Destroyer 19-20 March 2011

Half-Written Play Gets Two Night Run In Nottingham A play that relies on a second half that’s entirely made-up on the spot is coming to the Nottingham Arts Theatre on 19th and 20th of March. Star Destroyer is set in a planetarium and stars former Emmerdale actress and Gedling resident

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