If you’re reading this, that means you’ve signed up to either a course or a one-off workshop with Missimp – How exciting! Whether it’s a one-day workshop, or a 6-week long course, we have a bunch of rules that you’ve got to follow which will make sure that we’re providing you with the best possible environment to learn and practice improv.

By attending the event, you are agreeing to these rules, so please read them carefully.

Thank you!

Your Behaviour

We want everyone at our courses and workshops to experience the fun, accepting and open environment that good improv has to offer. Improv is about respect for your scene partner and for the group you’re learning in, as such we have some simple rules you can follow:

No alcohol
You are expected to not use alcohol, drugs, or any like substance before or during the workshop you’re attending.

Be kind
You are expected to treat everyone else in the group, including the person leading it, with respect and kindness at all times and be open to the ideas of others.

  • No discrimination

We have a zero tolerance of sexist, racist, homophobic or physical abuse of classmates. It’s worth remembering that whilst our crazy characters might do things that aren’t considered socially acceptable, they must never be used as a veil for the abuse of others.

A safe environment for students is our primary concern, so if you are seen to violate of any of any of these rules you may be asked to leave with no refund.

Your Expectations

You have the right to expect a positive, supportive atmosphere in a Missimp class. As such, we will ensure that at the course you attend:

Your instructor will create a friendly, supportive, safe space in which you can have fun and feel free to express yourself.

Your instructor will push you and challenge you to learn more about improv in a fun, accessible way.

Overall, improv is a team activity and we believe in living out an attitude of acceptance and this mantra is at the foundation of everything Missimp does.


In order to complete a course, you need to have attended each session.  If you miss a session due to illness or other extenuating circumstance we can schedule for you to come to the next time we teach that element. This won’t cost you anything at all – we know how life has a way of getting in the way of fun stuff!

If you are ill, please call whoever is taking the class before it starts. If you fail to do so, you may be charged to make up the element you missed. If there are mitigating circumstances for a no-show, your instructor will take them into account.

Please make sure you’re on time for all classes. They will start promptly and timely attendance is a courtesy not only to your instructor but also to your fellow classmates (and yourself – after all, you’ve paid to be here).  If there is something beyond your control happening that will make you late, please make sure you call ahead. If you don’t, and are late, the instructor has the right to refuse your entry to the class without refund.

Your fee is for your own attendance. Due to space restrictions, we’re afraid you cannot bring guests to watch the class.

Training Prerequisites

For Level 1 classes the only prerequisite is that you are at least 18 years old (or over 16 with parental permission).

For Level 2 classes you need either to have completed our Level 1 class or a similar class taught by another institution (in this case we might ask for details of the instructors so that we can check their syllabus covers similar material to ours).  If you have a lot of improv experience we are happy to take that into consideration regards placement.  For our one-day / weekend workshops the prerequisites for attendance will be as advertised.

Cancellation / Re-scheduling

We don’t like to cancel classes but sometimes unexpected things happen.

We aim to always hold classes as scheduled, even if there is extreme weather (eg. snow) providing public transport is still able to function.  On enrolment, we will ask for your phone number and give you a contact number for your instructor.  Should an unexpected event, personal tragedy or extenuating circumstance occur, we will inform you at the earliest opportunity.  If a class needs rescheduling we will co-ordinate with the students concerned to find a time when the class can take place with the maximum number of students present.

In the unlikely event of your instructor being unavailable we will endeavour to have an alternative trainer take the class.  This instructor will be an experienced improviser and member of the Missimp faculty who will be familiar with the syllabus.


We aim to create a collaborative atmosphere where you can learn and grow as an improviser.  Your engagement in this philosophy will help make both the improvisational elements fun and the practical / organisational elements of these classes run smoothly.

MissImp has full public liability insurance and for courses where participants are under 18, instructors will have completed a CRB/DBS check.

For a copy of MissImp’s complete and comprehensive Code of Conduct, please click here: MissImp Code of Conduct