LeftLion Live: Christmas Extravaganza | | Friday 20 December 2019

Roll up, roll up! Feast your eyes on the marvellous and fantastic sights of your favourite Nottingham magazine, LeftLion… LIVE!

For the first time ever, we’re ripping out our pages and slapping them on stage at the amazing Nonsuch Studios, featuring an exclusive look at future LeftLion journalism, presented like you’ve never seen before.

For this special Christmas Extravaganza, we’re raising money for Emmanuel House – the local charity helping to prevent people from falling into homelessness. All profits will be donated to DA HOUSE, and we’ll have a collection for tinned food and clothing. Let’s gerrit done, Nottingham!

MissImp do Overheard in Notts

Your favourite improv comedy group use never-before-seen Overheard in Notts quotes to bring you hilarious sketches throughout the night. MissImp are the longest-running improv group in Nottingham and have performed in venues all over the city. Prepare for side-splitting chaos!

Michelle Mother Hubbard

Nottingham poetry legend and Blackdrop founder Michelle Mother Hubbard performs her nursery-rhyme verse with a local twist, following the publishing of a special Christmas Snap Notts.

Snap Notts is a regular feature by LeftLion Magazine that brings together poets, photographers, and Nottingham locations for incredible collaborative work. For our December issue, Michelle Mother Hubbard has been working with local photographer Emma Ford-Davis to create a poetry-photo combo centred around Nottingham Winter Wonderland. Ode on, then!

Journalism on Stage: January Preview

Nottingham Trent University researcher Catherine Adams has been working together with LeftLion journalists and the incredible MissImp to bring you true stories, told on stage for the very first time. Expect a blend of interviews, articles, storytelling and theatre with a sneak preview of our January issue: The Music Special.

Blather on Film

Brainchild of writer Adrian Reynolds, Blather is an ongoing series of monologues illustrated by the wonderful Corrina Rothwell, published monthly in LeftLion Magazine. Our team have been working hard behind the scenes to bring these stories to the screen, and this evening delivers an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of the new series of short films.

Big Jared, Little Jared

LeftLion founder and Editor-in-Chief Jared Wilson enters the stage with his mini-me in tow. How a person so small could grow such an impressive beard, we will never know. Tonight we reveal the two Jareds, big and small, behind the face hair. Little Jared’s interview technique is less than orthodox, bringing the 3rd, 4th and 5th degrees for your viewing pleasure with surprises in store.

The Big LeftLion Quiz & Raffle

Hosted by Editor Ash Carter and Editor-at-Large Bridie Squires, The Big LeftLion Quiz is a raucous abomination of history facts, Nottingham knowledge, and unspecified body parts. We’ve even got a craft round. So there. Each group will battle it out for the honour of the GRAND PRIZE at the end of the evening.

Speaking of which, we’re running a raffle of FANTASTIC wares from some of your favourite local independent businesses. Take a gamble. Don’t bother buying any Christmas presents and bag yersen umpteen strips of raffle tickets for ON-THE-EDGE GLORY.

All this, plus…
Live Music
Mince Pies
Mulled Wine
Festive Cheer
Special Celebrity Guests
Overheard In Notts Books For Sale

See you there, youth.


Doors 7pm
Start 7.30pm

Nonsuch Studios

92 Lower Parliament Street

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“Local improv heroes.”

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“Totally bizarre, funny and enthralling. Staggeringly brave. An entertaining set of characters, some great one-liners: incredibly satisfying.”

“One of the best comedy nights I have ever been to.”

“Fun, inclusive improv. Their patent talent is refreshing, the pace never slackens.”

“A whirlwind of different locations and characters, with funny and gloriously bizarre scenarios rolling straight off of the tip of the performers’ tongues to come to life milliseconds after they’d been thought up.”

“A strong, professional, highly skilled and thoroughly entertaining performance.”

“High on imagination, performance and delivery.”

“Laughter levels were cranked up to full wattage, which spiralled into utter hilarity.”

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“The bright centre of the universe.”

“The next generation of the Nottingham comedy scene.”

“The funniest Friday night available in Nottingham.”

“This Missimp group is fucking awesome I love them. So sweet and smart and each with a distinct sense of humor. I love that.”

“Not only were the shows great but the crowd was totally into it.”

“Very sharp, quick witted & incredibly funny.”

“The jam at the end made the night perfect.”

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