Weekly Drop-In

This week’s drop-in: Scenes From Scenes

Brought to you by Parky.

There are loads of ways to derive inspiration for a scene. What we’ll do this Thursday is explore methods of creating scenes based on other scenes.

This requires really good listening skills, so you’ll need to pay attention throughout to pick up on characters, ideas and words that you can use as inspiration.

We’ll do some short scenes inspired by what you have just seen in the previous scene. We’ll introduce the concept of a “snatch edit”. And, we’ll finish with a few eight-minute montages in which all the scenes will be inspired from something we’ve discovered within that mini improv universe.


Thursday 5 October 2017
7.30 – 9.30pm
The Malt Cross
We’re under the main bar – the doorway is inside, just to the left of the actual bar
16 St James’s St
Find it!
£5 / 3 concessions



Saturday 7 October @ Talent 1st Organisation 7.30pm – tickets online only

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