Weekly Drop-In

This week’s jam: Improv 101,

This week’s jam is brought to you by: Ben

This week’s jam is going back to basics to refresh the key rules of Improv, from saying yes to raising the stakes of a scene and building a world to play in. These actions are all really important in getting any scene off the ground. Whether it’s your first or hundred and first time covering these basics it helps you improve every time.


Think of this week as a tune up, your improv MOT and the focus on different basics will exercise different parts of your performance. Saying yes gathers the fuel for your scene; it gives the scene something to run on. The context of the scene, the environment and location, is the engine that lets it go and raising the stakes is like stamping on the accelerator. This evening we’re going for the land speed record.

Plenty of play time for everyone this week with a lot of group exercises and a lot of scenes as well. See you all on Thursday.

Thursday 23rd April 2015

7.30pm – 9.30pm
The Corner
8 Stoney St

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