Weekly Drop-In

This week’s jam: More Little Imps for Big Imps

This week’s jam is run by: Parky.

Hello all. Little Imps is going from strength to strength and so this week is our second adult jam based on the kid’s stuff.

What does that mean? Great circle exercises, some open scenes and lots of our most popular shortform games. We teach the kids the basics for the games that will be in their show and so we’ll do exactly the same at our jam. There may even be a 10 minute break in the middle for squash and biscuits*.

Expect some open scenes, word at a time stories, Story Story Splat!, TV channels, alphabet games and much more. Oh, and there may be side-coaching and analysis about what went well during scenes/games (how do you get better without feedback?)

See you there.

(* There may not)

Thursday 24th January

7.30pm – 9.30pm
39 Stoney St

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