Weekly Drop-In

MissImp presents… Fuktotage: Improv Comedy Carnage

This week there is no improv jam, there is an improv jam show/Christmas party!

Improv karaoke, only without the ghastly wailing!
This magical show is one in which ANYONE can perform – whether you have experience or not, whether you’ve ever improvised or not. We want YOU.

How the Christmas cheer does that work?

Everyone is welcome to throw their name into a hat and take to the stage when it’s drawn out. If you’d rather just hang out, meet some great people, watch and enjoy the performers drinking and playing totally uncensored improv, that’s cool too.

How Do I Get In?

This is a private party and you need to get on the guest list! Email now It’s something to do with it being a dinky little venue and there being enough booze.

*Entrance is just £2 whether you play or not.
*Joyously there will be a bar which won’t fleece you. If there are any special requests for drinks we can probably sort that out.

Find Us, Watch Us

The City Gallery
14a Long Row
(off the Market Square by The Works, down an alley filled with betting shops)

£2 entry
Doors open at 7pm with a licensed bar open till 11.30!
Show starts at 7.30pm.

This is a dinky little venue, so to be sure you can get a seat email us and we’ll put you on the priority list.

Join the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/487003351339804/

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