MissImp Podcast Episode 6: Character Choices

Hello fine and dear listeners to the MissImp podcast. Episode 6 is now up and ready to feed into your ears via iTunes, this doohickey down here or your podcast listening thing of choice.

Listen to MissImpCast 6 here:

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This episode is the culmination of many conversations and thought spurts about how characters arise and get developed in improvised scenes. As ever Lloydie and Nick have different approaches and talk about how we think of character, and when (if ever) we make conscious choices on stage.

You’ll probably note much chatter is in the context of having just done the November Glee show – yep, this is yet another epically delayed upload. There’s also some talk of Lloydie’s January character workshop, which was lots of fun, but you can’t now come to unless you time travel.

Really, we ought to be talking about the giant funbag of shows and mini shows coming up for us – check out the Shows page for more details.

If you’d like to contribute thoughts, comments or ideas to the podcast, please comment wherever you read this or send us an email at [email protected]. You can send it in audio format if you like and we’ll play it and pretend we’re having a conversation.

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