The “bad improv” jam

If you’re an improviser, you’ve probably got a few pet peeves.  It might be the way some improvisers initiate scenes or it could be poor use of the stage, for example.  Last night at the weekly MissImp jam, Nick encouraged us to explore everything we believed to be “bad improv”.  This, of course, produced many laughs of recognition.

The initiation I loathe is when someone comes into the scene (usually when their scene partner is doing some object work) and says “What are you doing?”.  It makes me want to throw things as it adds nothing to the scene whatsoever.  There’s also the improvisers who love to ask loads of questions of their scene partner.  We got all of this out of our system last night and it felt great.

Nick then used the powerful bribe of Haribo to encourage great scene work for the rest of the jam.  It wasn’t just huge fun and good natured – it also produced some great scenes at the end of the jam, my favourite of all of these came from the suggestion “Tender Jenga” which ended up being a very erotic Jenga game with the priceless quote “Holding the brick afterwards is sometimes my favourite part”.  Beautiful.


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